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Facts about our brand and information about the way we operate. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Dino Lifestyle carefully formulates the recipes and formulas for its sport supplements. We work with reliable suppliers and production facilities here in The Netherlands, which are FSSC 22000 certified. FSSC 22000 is a food safety certification scheme based on the existing internationally recognized standard ISO 22000 and complemented by technical standards, such as ISO TS 22002-1 for food manufacturing and ISO TS 22002-4 for packaging manufacturing.


Dino Lifestyle sets itself apart from other supplement brands with its unique line up of flavours, custom formulated and designed by our team, with professional advice. Every flavour is carefully constructed with an incredible eye to detail, to ensure that you will definitely enjoy the taste, while still taking a fully functional supplement.

We are proud to present these unique flavors through our sport supplements!


Dino Lifestyle ensures quality packaging for its sport supplements that guarantees the observance of all legal procedures with regard to product safety for the primary packaging of food. We also make a statement with our bold orange caps so our supplements are recognized everywhere.

Product Label Artwork

All of our product labels are designed in house, which ensures the vision in regards to our design choices, style, theme and presentation are in total control of the brand itself. Our design team is constantly working on growing our product line with out of the box, unique designs and presentations, that fit the products perfectly.


Dino Lifestyle offers a wide variety of lifestyle supplements in different options. We are constantly expanding our collection with new, carefully selected lifestyle supplements. Vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements, plant based supplements, enhancers, you name it.

We are constantly researching what our customers would like to add to their daily intake of lifestyle supplements.

Brand Ambassadors

Dino Lifestyle is looking for brand ambassadors. Join our community as a brand ambassador and be the face of our dynamic brand! Experience exclusive perks, collaborate with a passionate community and unleash your creativity in promoting our products!

Whether you are on social media, or a trendsetter in your community, we want you to be a key part of our journey. Ready to elevate your influence and make a positive impact? Apply now and join our team!

  • Apply via our contact form here
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